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Total Pageviews Friday, March 11, 2012 We’re not sure how old you are, but if you’re 14 or older and into movies, chances are you’ve seen The Hunger Games at least once. If you haven’t, let us explain a few things. First, the movie stars Jennifer Lawrence, the adorable, awkward, crazy (but pretty) star of “Winter’s Bone” and “The Beaver,” and Josh Hutcherson, the really hot, really cool star of “The Kids Are All Right” and “The Five Year Engagement.” Second, the movie is a really good movie. And third, it’s based on a book written by Suzanne Collins and published by Scholastic, a publisher that gives young people wonderful choices of material for them to read and enjoy. So how does this relate to the Blogger Outreach Project? Simple! If you’re going to be out there sharing your awesome blog with the world (or maybe you are sharing it already!), you need a catchy, perfect title that grabs attention. And as an author, you need to share your title with others! So get to tweeting, posting, blogging and sharing your blog title with the world. Get everyone talking about your book! *LINKS* Do you have a cool, awesome, interactive blog title? If so, send it to us at! Let’s spread the word about awesome titles and awesome books. We’ll give you a mention on our blog and post a link to your blog on our Facebook page. If you post the link on Facebook, we’ll share your title with all our Facebook followers. And if you send your title to us, we’ll share it with all our followers on Twitter. *ATTENTION: If you have a book that we haven’t reviewed, you have the option to send us a copy to be reviewed. But if you have a title that you want to see reviewed, please write a blog post asking us to review your book. If you have enough followers to make us interested in your book, we’ll definitely read it. If you’re not sure how many followers you need, we recommend reading our guide to growing your blog followers. Monday, March 7, 2012 If



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